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Abu Darda r.a reports that Rasulullah s.a.w once said; "If you knew what I know, you would laugh less and weep more often and the world would become contemptible in your sight, and you would not prefer it to the Hereafter".

After relating the Hadith, Abu Darda r.a added on his own account: "If you knew what I know, you would go out to the jungle, weeping and crying and leave your property unguarded. But your hearts are heedless of the requirements of the Hereafter and you have, before you, worldly hopes and worldly aspirations. That is why the world has become your master and all your activities are directed towards it; you have reduced yourself to a condition of stark ignorance. What is worse, some of you become like the animals, indulging in lustfull activities, not minding the evil consequences. What happened to you that you do not love one another, nor admonish one another, though you are brothers in Islam? There is discord among you because of your wrong desires, arising out of the corruption within you. If you are united in the cause of "Deen" and affair of "Deen", your bonds of mutual relationship will be strengthened. What has happened to you, that you counsel one another about affairs of this world, but do not do so about affairs of the Akhirah? You are incapable of admonishing those whom you love and do not give them good counsel about the affairs of the Hereafter. This is only because of your weak faith. If you had faith in the good and evil things of the Hereafter, like your belief in the good and evil of this world, you would certainly give preference to the Akhirah. The Akhirah should have greater control over your affairs. You may say that the needs of this world are immediate, while those of thr Hereafter are remote. Just imagine how many activities there are, in this world, of which the fruits have to be reaped later. Still you toil and fret and struggle hard for them. For example, you work hard in the fields, for months together, hoping to reap crops in the end. Similarly, you take pains to plant trees in the garden, hoping to pick the fruit after years of hard labour and patient waiting. You have deteriorated, in matters of faith, so much that you do not care to gauge the level of your Iman (faith) by doing things that would reveal it".

"If you have any doubts about the revealed knowledge conveyed to us by Rasulullah s.a.w, please come to us, so that we may show you the truth of this knowledge and make it abundantly clear to you. Come, we will show you the light by which you will able to see, for yourself, that whatever Rasulullah s.a.w said is absolutely true. You are no fools that we should regard you incapable of understanding it. For, you hold sound views about worldly affairs and act upon them most carefully. Then, what is wrong with you that you do not exercise wisdom, nor act with due care in affairs of the Akhirah. What has happen to you?"............... - Abu Darda r.a -.....


 Once Sheikh Ibrahim Adhem rah, asked a certain person, "Do you aspire to be a friend of Allah?". The man replied, "Certainly", and then the Sheikh said to him, "Turn your thoughts away from all things, worldly or other-worldly, and devote your whole hearted attention to Him, to the exclusion of everything else. Concentrate your thoughts on Allah Alone, so that He might turn His attention to you and choose you for His friend (Wali)". As in one of the hadist Qudsi (Sahih), Rasulullah reported, Allah Taala as saying; "If anyone comes to Me walking, I shall come to him running".

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