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Zar word- 3
 Once we look at the light, doesnt means we look at the darkness, cause the light and darkness is two diferrent thing. As bright the light, as that, our sight will be clear, as opposite, when there were no light, we wont be able to know if there are a big rock or hole, infront of us.
 When the light is dim, we see something lay infront of us, but we still not sure if its a string or a snake. Or, maybe, there were a diamond, someone put in our hand, but because there were no light or te light is to dim, we cant make the different between diamond and the glass.
 Simillary in our life, we need to have a real faith (Iman) which give us the true light to understand, which way or life bring and promise us a succes in this wordly and Hereafter life. The light of iman in our heart, will show us which way should we go (Siratulmustaqim). So, as long as the light of iman in our heart is weak or dim, we still in danger, as when the light is dim, we are not sure, infront of us is a snake or a string. This need an afford, and the first afford is to have the real faith in Allah, "Laillahaillallah" and follow the way show by Prophet Muhammad, "Muhamadurrasulullah".
 As the prophet which make an afford "dakwah" to take away the "batil", "zulumat", darkness from mankind by replace it with the "haq", "nur", light of the true, their are like the sun, which keep it light for the entire world. The quality of sun is that it keep on "istiqamah",daily give it light to every each thing and life without asking other to pay him back or give him something back. Beside, the power of Allah was behind it, image the energy which the sun produce daily  without any battery, oil, nuclear power etc to back it. Each second, the energy which the sun produce is equal to 1000 atom bom, and in 24 hour, how many second there are?
 And as that, each thing need an afford, althought there are a means around to produce an light like there are a river running wild, a facibility to build a dam, an a cabel around, lamp etc, but with-out an afford to build a dam, an afford that the electric can transfer house to house, we wont able to produce any light. As that, althought we have all the knowledge of Islam, great-great mosque, all the Islamic art etc, but without an afford of "dakwah", which the prophet have make afford on it, and with-out any action was pratice on the daily life track of the muslim society, the light of "hidayah", the light of Islam, wont speard around. What will be around is "zulumat", darkness, that cause disaster to us and the next generation.

to be contineun....
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