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As all of us know that we live in the dimentions of time and space, as all the memory or the past which excist  in the reality world is in this dimention. Even the past history either from the great civilization like the Eygpt etc, or the story of  some legend, or the history of some area, some person and so on, will be describe in the dimention of time and place. It will be unclear information when someone told us, there were a war take over in no where, or there were a tree give a fruit without take any second. Or sometings which we cant except or believe because it is out of dimentions time and space, example, someone told that  his own son born before he was born or someone told that  his child which born yesteday, now already 20 years old. So, one thing is clear that this dimention of time and space are the most important part in any present thing or living.

Time and space is use to be one of the means to live. As  the gravity and the circling of earth which create an 24 hour daily for us which stand on the surface of earth. Some planet have only 9 hour daily, so it can be much different to us to live there, with-in 4 an half hour day and 4 an half hour night. Imagine the time we drive home from our work place, its already took the time that we need to sleep. On the other side, if we live in different power of gravity, let say like the moon, the time we need to travel from one place to other, wont be so slow like we have now. Just with-in few jump, we already reach kilometer away. And as for the transport means, as less gravity, as fast the speed will go.

Each second which gone, wont be back and in this matter, every present thing and living, got their own time and space only at that moment. As we see down to the city in the day light time from the top of building, we gonna see a strees moment, seem everyone got their thing to do. Some stand at the train station waiting to move to other place, some stuck in the traffic-jem, some sit in coffe-shop, to take a day break and so on.  Even in the bus where are full with passeger, each of them will have a different mind or thought in the same moment. Mean while at the same moment, actually, million other thing happen in all corner of the world. There were new born, there were a death ceremony or married ceremony etc. But the thing is, every living thing, live in their own moment which their unable to replace it. The moment for someone to drop a few coin on the beggar plate which beg him on the sidewalk, will be over, if he think to do so in an hour later, after he past away from that beggar. The moment to feel sorry about the changing of world climate is seem little late, after all the damage to the nature, the moment to declare a peace from The President of one country which attack a other country without any reason and cause million die or suffer seem quite late. So, some moment bring a small result but some moment can bring a big effect to ones life or many, or even a big effect to the whole world.

One thing is clear that  when we think, all the past seem have been in a very short while, no matter it have been 10 years or more period time, but at the end, its just a snap of memory. The whole life is just like someone open the front door, step in and then open the back door to step out. So quick when it take place as memory, just like a blink of eyes. And this is the reality of the life in this world to compare to the life of Hereafter which complet different of our worldly time and space dimention.

Once, when someone need to lay on hospital bed because of some sickness, then in that medium, he will start to feel, how slow the time. But there were be other dimentions of time and space where the waiting is not a day, or a month, or even a year, but it will be even longer that our age. The day when we are being bury then rise up again to be reckoning is a longer day we ever think. A day which wont be calculate according our worldly watch. Time still, have we ever ponder upon it?

Another thing which suppose to be ponder, where we and all the mankind go toward in time which keep move foward? The gravity in other way have create a pole attraction for the magnet, which from this magnet, once we make an compas, we are able to find out easily the direction of north or south, and with this, to reach any direction we want, is been guide. As in the life of each muslim, their are cbligator to pray to their God, 5 times daily, and their need to face to Mekkah, so any place their go, their will search a direction to Mekkah, as their soul are always being guide in any time and space. The movement of the sun like sunrise or sunset which bring the effect of time, and stay at one direction to Mekkah no matter where their are, are the soul fundament of the ryhmus as a muslim which live in dimention time and space, a soul fundament to be a servant of One God, Al Mighty Allah. As the order to pray (solat) and the idea to be a prayer, is the main propose that Al Mighty Allah have create the whole mankind and the Jin (Some other creature which live in different space and time, but have similarly life like mankind) is to workship Allah alone.

 Each soul will born and be as how there are, is in their own time and space. Either their will born in Europe, Afrika, Asia, Amerika and etc, their will adapted to the surrounding atmosphere like the wheater, language, some typ of behavior and etc. The only thing which keep something aware a liltte from stuck in the time and space no matter where their live, is the mind. The physical, is limited and move according time and space, but the mind use to go beyond it. Example, once we take a walk, but after some few kilometer distant, we will start to be tired, or our eyes, ear and etc,all are in some sort of limit. But the mind and what someone feel (normally, we use to say the heart is the place to feel) is goes beyond all limit, like, someone sit somewhere in some highest mountain in Switzerland, but his mind keep thinking someone he miss which live somewhere in Malaysia. And as that, we will see, someone keep walking with his turban in urban city of New York, because the mind which come from the his feeling, his faith, keep telling him, he do the right thing, or someone wear his completed dinner suit with the bow and the texedo-coat in the land which use to have hottest summer temprature, just because his mind told him, its look nice the why he wear. Both seem have their right, as their wear it under their own will and dont force other to wear it or disturb other, like someone think and feel to hear some lound music, so he put his cd on with maximun volume and play it all night long. Just to say, in this medium, the mind and the feeling of someone, can take someone to somewhere beyond everything, or can make someone move different then what is present in his atmosphere in that time and space, so what actually we use to think or feel?



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