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 Our eyes, which given by Al Mighty Allah, allow us to see thing arround us, from the beautiful colour, a great shape of each living thing, mountain, tree, see and etc. Now a day also, with all the modern instrument, we are able to see beyond our limited view, like the other planet or the micro living thing. Or even, our family which live far away in another land, we can speak and saw them in the same time.
 Since we born, through this eyes, we are start to learn the world we in, recongnize our parents, sister, brother and all the people around us. As that also, the adult learn or start to research and find new thing. Eyes is one of the instrument of knowledge. (It will be clear to tell, even the blind could earn their knowledge, and be a great wisdom in their own way)
 Eyes is also one of the window to our soul, what we saw, will come to our mind and heart, speacially we put an attention on it. From what we saw, we will think about it, and slowly this build an a emotion in our heart. Mostly, through the eyes view, we take the "dunia" (The greatness of material thing)to our heart. (There are 4 cannel to our heart, the ear, the eyes, the mouth and the mind)
 The sight seeing through our eyes is a great "nikhmat"(given) from Al Mighty Allah, once someone got the pain on his eyes or he got something which make him not able to see anymore, then he will realise the great value of its. Every blink on our eyes, can give us a different view, so imagine, suddenly, there are no longer view we can see?
 Beside, one thing is also clear, our eyes seeing is limited, when we see infront, we are unable to see our back-side, as when we see right-side, we are unable to see left-side. And for the matter of distant, that which we can see just until one limit. And another thing is, what we saw, propperly is not true or reality, like we enter one room which full with mirror, and the same time, a bird fly in, so we will see, there are many bird, but in reality, there are only one bird was there. Similarly like that is, once we saw the reflex of the fullmoon on the surface of the water in the night, when w try to grasp the moon, it just a reflex, and nothing there except the water. The "dunia", materialist idea is like that, sometime we saw the graetness of dunia, the beautiful of it, but once we try to catch it, it nothing there or nothing special from it. In the time we will get bored on it and start to search and catch others. Its like an fatamorgana, because those who dont believe in Allah, and away from the life which brought by the Prophet Muhamad s.a.w, their are live in fatamorgana world, the "nafs",desire are thristy and hungry in their empty soul, so their are keep running to something to full-fill their nafs but which not reality and everlast.
  As our eyes saw the sunset on the sea-side, we will see that the sun go inside the sea, but through our mind, we will think different then what our eyes have saw. We will say, it imposible that the sun goes inside the sea, or else,the sea water will dry-up. Althought we sail through the ocean, but we still cant deny, what we have saw, so, in this medium, we need to go above the ground that we use to stand, till one point, we will see that the earth is round, and the sun just go around it. In matter of our daily life, what we see is limited until the border which we can reach through our sight-see, like we saw someone laying sick on the bed and make him last breath, but what happen to the soul which make his body move, and where the soul which make his body function, we dont know...

to be contineun...
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