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  Each word carry its own meaning, and bring its own effect, as how it being spoken and describe through more then thousand language which exist today , the language which present once upon a time ago,  the language  in the "new remix" form or even the secret code language. There are billion-billion number of vocabulary which exist in the life of human being. Some sound the same but bring the different meaning, some change its meaning according how the person express it, or pronouce it, some can cause a big effect, some just past in the air and etc. Some word need the next or connection to other word to bring its meaning, while other can stand by its own, as those who utter the word, understand it.
  As word have its own value, so what word we use to speak out and present it in our daily life. Some can be a hypocrite by telling something opposite with the way he was, some can be a big lair by present the untrue thing, some can be a great "Casanova" by playing with nice word, be a millionair, be a singer, politicer, paperboy shout selling the newspaper, preacher, a teacher which daily teaching his student and etc. Some word can help someone to cool down from his anger, some can rise the anger, some can voice his right, while some can take other right and etc...
   Althought most of us are not aware about the word that we use daily, but in the reality, word which we spoke out of our mouth, come out also with its own value, that until to the extend that some word can change totaly someone life, save someone, help someone, bring the succes in wordly life and hereafter or opposite like word which can ruin a life of a person, word which bring disaster or even can make a person be a loser in this wordly life and the life of hereafter.
  So in this medium, it is necesarry to everyone to care what he or she use to speak. Some word, a very short word, example, word of  "Talaq", divorce, once someone say it to his wife, he can distroy a family life which their build it for many-many years. Or someone says that he believe other God then One God (Allah), he will no more longer be a muslim. Otherside, in positiv side, if someone just say "salam", greeting to other, a small word and he dont lost nothing by saying this, but this greeting can bring good effect to other. Good wort or good advise (amal maaruf) are strongly demand from each muslim to speak it daily and the highess word as a muslim is to say "Laillahaillallah", there is no God to workship except Allah, at the time of his last breath, then, the forever succes and happiness is waiting for him.
  As our beloved Prophet Muhamad s.a.w keep remain us to speak a good word or else keep in silent. One hadist narrated that the Prophet Muhamad s.a.w says: "A man´s words may be a burden (sin) for him except those that he spoken for giving instructions for good deeds, and preventing other from bad deeds (amal maaruf, nahi mungkar), and for remembering Allah". An as that, our beloved Prophet say that the faith (Iman), is to except with the heart  (Qalb), to speak it with the mouth (Lisan) and to pratice with the body (Jasad).
  This is one of the great gift from Al Mighty Allah to human being that their are able to talk and can comunicate to each other. But what word or sentence that we use to speak out?
 " And whose words can be better then those who calls (people) towards Allah, and performs good deeds and says: "I am one of those who submit to Allah".

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